In 2016, we started our journey with a small office named "Psychotherapy in Practice" - which was currently rebranded as Touching Soul Center. We aim to create a professional private practice that nurtures, connects, and inspires those who are passionate about mental health field in Vietnam.

Tất niên cùng các chuyên gia và tình nguyện viên tại TSC


– Founder

“Mental Health care is not only critical investments for personal wellness, but also positive contributions to the growth of families, organizations, and communities.”

Psychotherapy is a journey featured by courage, empathy, nurturing, meaning seeking, and healing.



– Founder

“I envision a place that nurtures novice practitioners and connects professionals who are passionate about mental health – so we can grow together.”


– Founder

“A competent practitioner must be aware of their limits and boundaries, safeguard their self-compassion, and advocate for the profession. It all starts with continuing education.”